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Hi all. This is my first thread so looking forward to hear what advise is out there. I'm looking for a new pair of large sized boots but struggling to find options. Ive been through a few different ones and now not so sure. My first pair was a pair of hi techs. They fell apart after 4 tramps in the Tararuas. Second a pair of Columbia and lasted about a year. So I thought I would spend the extra and get a pair of Asolo 535. They lasted about 7 years and admittedly I used them heaps. However the soles fell apart. I had them repaired but they only lasted 1 trip. Now that I write this I'm thinking 7 years of solid use is not so bad. However I'm a bit nervous because I have read some threads that its a common problem with Asolo and don't want to get caught out in the middle of nowhere. Any advice and opinions appreciated on ideas of quality boots that make bigger sizes. Thanks in advance.
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.... and that's where I bought them from :)) Went there to buy sports wash and proofing but also came away with boots, wool/possum gloves and Easton tent pegs.
Hi all Thanks for the input. Thought I would give an update. You guys are right on the money. It came down to fit. I not a fan of buying shoes over the net purely due to fit. My big toe is kinda very big and so the shape of the boot was vital. After looking around and trying on a few: Kathmandu Tibers, One Planet, Lowa, Hunters Element, Columbia and Ridgeline, I came back to Asolo. The shape of the toe gives my toe the required room. They were also on sale. Being a large size I suspect they may have been lying around for some time. I did check the quality before buying but I have also registered them online as well. Thanks again for the advice.
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Started by Size14
On 7 September 2019
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