Large packs for tramp/packraft

Having got into packrafting and sacrificed 1/3 of my 75-80l pack to raft, paddle, pfd - I have a problem. Space! I've tried downsizing sleeping bag, thermals, sleeping mat cooking gear: and can manage a 7 day summer tramp/raft with a degree of discomfort from lack of my usual warm/comfy gear. But really I bought the raft for extended (14 day) fiordland trips and I just can't risk that lightweight, low R gear in that country. So I'm looking for a bigger pack - probably 100l. It must be fiordland-proof - bushbashing proof. Something as tough as my one planet strezleki. I see Greg Duley on nz hunter adventures recommending a 100l tatonka for packraft / hunting expeditions but can't see anything that big on their website. Thoughts / recommendations anyone?
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There was a reason the old Mountain mules were basically cubes, the low profile certainly helped when bushbashing, although not necessarily doing so in comfort. I can think of a few options for a 100l Fiordland-proof bushbashing packrafting pack: Both Cactus Outdoor and Twin Needle are really good at custom work. Twin Needle seem more aligned with hunting/tactical gear now, but having evolved from the old Macpac repair department, they make a decent pack. Cactus have the 75l Foray, which looks possible to modify into a 100l pack by adding a large pocket on the back. One off custom work is $$$. Another option is K2 Antarctic in Nelson: They have a standard expedition model that is 100 litres. Their external frame packs are pretty well regarded in hunting circles. In the US, hunters are required to carry out all the meat from an animal, so you will find a a number of large robust hunting packs over there. One pack I've noticed being used with packrafting is this one: The Hyperlite Mountain Gear packs seem to be ubiquitous in packrafting circles. The largest of their range is 85 litres: I have only heard very polarised views on these packs, people either love 'em or hate 'em.
Mystery ranch make solid packs but you have to get them from the states they do 100 litre packs usee 500D cordura
@madpom, I'd fire off an email to Greg Duley to confirm what exact packs they are using. He's pretty good at getting back fairly quickly, provided that he's not in the bush. His wife also monitors his emails so even if he's away you'll probably still get an answer.
Shoot into your local hunting and fishing and pick up the catalog spring 2019. Inside you will see photos of the Tatonka bison as used on tv NZ hunter adventures. The other option is a pack frame and you just tie /strap gear to it which is also tatonka and some H&F stock them. Various other options in the same cataloge Lowe alpine cerro torre.
Thanks folks - I have a 2nd-hand pack coming now so will try that and report back.
what did you get madpom?
@aardvark's Mont Mountain Guide - he describes it above.
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Started by madpom
On 30 August 2019
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