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Having got into packrafting and sacrificed 1/3 of my 75-80l pack to raft, paddle, pfd - I have a problem. Space! I've tried downsizing sleeping bag, thermals, sleeping mat cooking gear: and can manage a 7 day summer tramp/raft with a degree of discomfort from lack of my usual warm/comfy gear. But really I bought the raft for extended (14 day) fiordland trips and I just can't risk that lightweight, low R gear in that country. So I'm looking for a bigger pack - probably 100l. It must be fiordland-proof - bushbashing proof. Something as tough as my one planet strezleki. I see Greg Duley on nz hunter adventures recommending a 100l tatonka for packraft / hunting expeditions but can't see anything that big on their website. Thoughts / recommendations anyone?
A big Osprey Xenith? Not sure if the 105L is available in NZ though. What sort of pack raft do you have? Swedish The Tor 100lt . Absolutely bombproof. Normally $520. There is currently an older model $480 going for $288. There will be a conversion rate from Us dollars Cheers
Cheers both. No iceaxe loops on the tor? Or are they on the side? MRS Micro packraft.
There are compression straps for adaptive fastening of crampons and axes. They have hooks and rings and can be attached to the pack on the side or the back. They are on the site but currently out of stock. $19 i think, set of two.
Twin needle do some custom gear, i dont know if it goes to making packs , they do alterations they might be able to enlarge an existing pack.. biggest bivouac have is the 88L xenith macpacs biggest is 80L because gear has been getting smaller and more compact, packs are trending smaller... and there isnt much thought given to activities like packrafting chewing up more space lowe alpines biggest in nz is 85L cactus dont have anything above 75L
Yeah. Another option is to get a tough canvas wrap/roll made to protect the rolled-up raft -similar idea to a tool roll only bigger - and strap it on the side of my pack. Really dont like the idea of stuff strapped outside my pack - but if I could get loops on it to lock into side straps on my pack it could be secure. Would stuff up weight distribution and extra width would catch on stuff. But then a larger pack would catch on stuff too. Reckon it would work or be unusable in the scrub?
a bigger pack wouldnt necessarily be wider, to avoid restricting arm movement, they tend to be deeper instead. if your alteration makes it wider than your shoulder then could be a pain catching on scrub...
My partner and i both have a MONT mountain guide pack which was touted at the time as 95Lt or 100Lt, depending on back length. This is from 2001. It was however suggested to be 1.9kg because it was made of a lightweight synthetic fabric. Not designed to last forever. Retailed at the time as near to $500. There was a canvas version for the same price. I never had a problem with getting through scrub here in AUST. Three compression straps each side. Ice axe loops too. I love the harness. Very supportive and comfortable. I started with nearly 40kg in it up the Beansburn on the way to the Olivine Ice Plateau. It got a lot of work but MONT reinforced mine, where it matters, a little after a year of use. Mine was a freebie on the basis that i use it for a year, record what for and send it back for assessment. They gave it back later. Kathryn's has had no work done to hers like mine but it is serviceable. Maybe some minor repairs. I could ask her to give it up for a nominal sum. I'll dig it out for a looksie if you're interested.
@aardvark - thanks, PM sent. @waynowski - good point - hadn't considered them getting deeper - just taller or wider. That said my European packs (Lowe Alpine, Berghaus) were wider than my current One Planet (side pockets were additional to current pack width) and I found them less annoying in scrub than I do the tall, thin NZ-style packs which miraculously seem to hook every piece of supplejack within 3 feet of my head! So there is room for a small increase in width, if no other option presents.
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On 30 August 2019
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