little gem suggestions south island please

two adults, two kids aged 8 and 9. up for anything, fit, well prepared, dont mind bush bashing or off track walks. we prefer camping to huts tho september we might be hutting it depending on temperature. the man is bringing the gun, snorkelling gear and fishing rods so we wont starve hopefully. looking at interesting varied places to walk which have fairly good hunting. we are leaving for south island monday spending nearly 4 months exploring/tramping using our caravan as a base, and yes we have ample warmth for our sissy "winterless north" bodies. We are from northland so not really experienced in the white stuff but all of us have tramped in it. On list weather permitting is mt fyffe, mt titiroa, mt somers, mt owen, inland pack track, rock and pillar range,lewis hut on heaphy, sugarloaf pass, nina valley, beally spur, moss pass in november maybe, charming creek, okarito and various day walks and rail trails. Are there any little treasures that you would like to share with us? beach, bush, rail trail or campground? the kids are nature buffs and fascinated with geology. the adults like anywhere remote with little people. any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Mt Arthur/Tablelands, over to the Cobb. That was my first introduction to tramping up there when I was a kid, great camping too. Lots of overhangs for huts. And caves accessible to regular tramping folk. Open area permit for hunting.
If you’re going to Mt Somers, take a day walk up Barrosa and enjoy the agate hunting. Also consider taking the kids through Cave Stream cave at Craigieburn. One of my favourite camping spits, Hawdon Vly, is near there. I don’t know if you can get a caravan over Porters Pass though - definitely not Arthurs Pass. I just walked into Big River (old gold mining town) from Waiuta, very kid friendly walk I would say. Lots to explore in there.
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Thank you will look them up. cheers.
I have always found the Travers Valley in Nelson Lakes National Park to be such quintessential South Island tramping and would definitely recommend. A wide river flanked by mountains up to 2000m+, nice mix of grass flats lower down and typical beech forest. A bunch of huts on the valley floor plus options for interesting side trips. You can also throw in trips to Lake Angelus, Cupola or the full Travers-Sabine circuit if you think the youngsters are up for it. IS not a lot more challenging than what you have already listed (season and weather depending of course). Personally I love the walk through from Angelus to Hopeless via Sunset Saddle. It is "untracked" but in good summer conditions the route is really obvious. Only challenging bit would be negotiating the head of the valley where the tarn waterfalls down to start Hopeless creek. You would obviously know you guys capabilities but I imagine it is achievable.
Small red flag for me when you mention you and your family don't have much experience in the snow but the places you mention will have plenty of it. For example, Moss Pass in November will likely require ice axe and crampons; it's a scramble up a rock chute in summer but could be filled with ice and snow in November. I suggest kitting out with ice axe and crampons and practice on some easy slopes, including practicing self arrests with the axe before you tackle some of the more ambitious tramps.

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