Mangorewa track

Has any of you trampers done the Mangorewa track on the Tauranga direct road BOP. Looks like a interesting walk, just cant seem to get the weather window required to match my days off. The track follows the Mangorewa stream for 3hrs only possible when dry conditions. If anyone has gone down the stream how was it. May have to wait untill summer or return back the same way
Hello Its a really lovely walk but best in summer, after a dry spell. The rocks in the river get really slippery so a stick or two is a good idea. I have known people to put old socks, or those red onion bags over their boots to gain some grip. The start of the walk is not that easy to find since the road was improved. There is a sign on the left of the Tauranga side of the Mangorewa River bridge. From there you drop down to a small stream. The track is reasonably well sign posted from there. An alternative would be to just wander up the river and return. The track from the main carpark on the south side of the bridge is not marked, but well worn. Magic trip on a hot summers day.
You will really have a lovely walk and it would be good to go in summer. As the rocks in the river be too slippery you better carry a stick. IF you wish you can try some socks and bags on boots to gain grip.

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Started by blister
On 22 August 2019
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