Polarised or non-polarised sunglasses for tramping

Is it worth spending the extra money on a polarised pair of sunnies or would non polarised pair do fine since tramping isnt water based?
good for snow and tramping on mountain tops to minimise light and glare.. you're basically after something to cut out enough light for the conditions you're going to use them in most of the time... darker for higher altitude and snow... brighter for more general use.
Polorised. Great UV protection and comes with the added bonus of making the scenery look better.
Polarised and UV protection are different things. Sunglasses could be polarised but not offer good UVA and UBA protection. The main thing is to make sure they offer UV protection. If you don't mind spending the money then polarised is nice. If you're prone to losing sunglasses then cheap UV protection sunglasses are fine.

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Started by ghrtjhfg
On 13 August 2019
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