Three Passes, Arthurs Pass

Hi all, I am planning on doing the 3 Passes trail in Feb/Mar next year. But rather than going right through I am looking at carrying on down Arahura river from Harman Hut to Newton Creek, then over to Dunns Hut & down to the Taipo River & back to Carrington. Wondering if anyone has experience of the Route from Harman hut to Newton hut, then to Dunns & down to Mid Taipo. Rough times & track conditions would be great to give me a time frame. Thanks in advance for any info…
Check the remote huts website, it has the information you need.
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I've done that a couple of times. Yes Remote Huts Westland is probably the best current source of up to date info on the Coast part of the route.
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I have done the section from Newton Hut to Mid-Taipo in April, however in the reverse order. I think Dunns Ck to Newton took me around 6 hours from memory, and it was 3-4 hours over the hill from Mid-Taipo to Dunns Ck. It was so steep and slippery coming up from Mid-Taipo over the hill (up a mossy riverbed) that I would recommend not coming over the hill that way and going down the creek till you get to the track by the Taipo.
Thanks M400-1 for the input, makes me feel I may need to re-evaluate my estimated timing of 5.5 to 7 hrs to get from Newton Hut to Mid Taipo. I think the way you tackled it, would be quite a bit more difficult than my planned route though? Would you agree or am I kidding myself. Maps give you an idea of the country but nothing beats boots on the ground.
I don't know about quite a bit, but maybe a little more difficult. I was glad to rest at Dunn's Ck on the way through as I had come from Julia Hut (not too much further and with hot spring), but for my level of fitness doing Mid-Taipo to Newton in a day would have been too much.

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Started by muzza1963
On 10 August 2019
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