Into the Landsborough

Anyone know of an access into the upper Landsborough which is non technical, summer friendly? Looking at my Topo I'm thinking via Horace Walker Hut, skirt the lake to Harpers Rock Biv and then over Douglas Pass. Possibly a bit of lower glacier travel on the other side? I'm doing some dreaming of ultimate off the main routes trips and thinking the Landsborough would have to be up there. Is it possible to walk the entire length or do you need to paddle? Or is it realistically in the too hard basket?
Have a read of this. Its 5 parts so set aside a while!:
Hi Phil, I've been through that route via the Mahitahi and Zora. The North side of terminal lake of the Douglas is easy enough, just take your time to follow the weaknesses in the route. There is no glacier to cross anymore. You can walk the entire Landborough if you wish, there are some pretty good exit points along the way if your transport options allow it. Definitely not in the too hard category, more like challenging medium trip.
Awesome, thanks for the replies. Been a few years since I read that account of Madpom's adventures, forgot that it went that way. The Karangarua Saddle route looks daunting, especially that photo looking up at the face.
Douglas Pass is just a dawdle, or you can make a round trip by climbing The Gladiator. Get yourself a copy of Moirs Guide North for everything you ever wanted to know about the Landsborough

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Started by phil21
On 5 August 2019
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