Just wanna say hi....

To all the old hands, I'm back. Went off for quite some time because I experimented with living in Auckland for 14 months (NEVER again!) and just didn't do any tramping of note. Four-fifths of bugger all to be found around there, especially with a rahui on the Waitakere's. Well, I'm back on the Mainland, living in Queenstown. And I'm taking September off to just tramp. I already have some ideas of which tracks I want to do, but I'm curious; if you had the entire month of September to tramp in the South Island, which tracks (or routes) come to mind for you?
Welcome back fella :-)
The big guy with the big plans are back. Hey mate. West Coast. Hoki catchment. Qt to West Coast via olivine. Valley and pass route. Kakapo hut.
Welcome back kreig. Make the most of your youth and fitness; it's a gift that will not last forever. Cheers.
Glad to see you have escaped the big smoke. I would get lost (figuratively speaking) in Kahurangi NP. Less wet slushy shitty snow than further south, and somewhat easier travel to allow further exploring. Pre-arrange a couple of food drops at road ends (either bury them or get a mate to drop them off).
Nice to see you back. Are you still wearing the kilt?

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Forum The campfire
Started by Kreig
On 25 July 2019
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