576 peaks in 319 days, worst winter in decades

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This is amazing story about a friend of mine. This guy is a monster, there is no other word to describe him. One of the most driven and focused people I've ever met. The total distance traveled was 4,300kms and he gained more than 304,000 metres in elevation. For those who may not appreciate the nature of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, USA...they are routinely categorised as the worst weather in the United States. This is due to the unlikely convergence of three jet-streams over the center of the area. The world's hardest wind record stood on Mt Washington for more than 60 years, 370kmh (231mph). When you combine this with the fact that he had the worst winter in decades, this is an incredible feat. Enjoy! https://www.outsideonline.com/2399707/new-hampshire-white-mountains-grid-fkt
Every now and then you get these rare people who combine both the physique and the mental toughness to do this kind of thing. They seem almost superhuman, yet in one sense they reveal to us something of the hidden potential within us all. Great story, thanks for the link.
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I just realised that in his final round of the 48 peaks, his very first day he and another person hiked over 100kms in less than 28 hours.

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Another story about this... https://www.backpacker.com/news-and-events/white-mountains-grid-fkt
Certainly an epic achievement.
That is a really impressive achievement! I was going to say that the Whites on a bad day sound like the Tararuas on a good day, but my sister who's actually lived nearby and tramped in the Whites and the Adirondacks for a few years told me while the Whites are comparatively similar to the Tararuas during spring/summer/fall, winter was a totally different animal, much more snow and ice and much, much colder.
I don't know the Tararuas, but I know they are brutal. I would like to do the Southern Crossing with an experienced person, or two, that's just out of my league in terms of navigation experience. The Adirondacks are similar to the Whites in terms of height, but it's the three jet-steams over the Whites that make them so harsh. They held the world record for wind speed for 60 years, 370kph. In the winter you're talking average HIGH temperatures of -11C...that's before windchill. No thanks! The 'Dacks' (as we New Yorkers call them) are beautiful, but the Whites are another level.
the issue with the tararuas is mainly the weather, unless you stray off the tracks and the terrain may be an issue in some places the southern crossing isnt hard usually , except in bad weather or visibility you just need to pay attention to your navigation, its a straight forward enough route to follow if you do that, the tops are the issue
The Tararuas really only have a "brutal" reputation due to media reporting, plus people getting themselves into trouble in there. I've had some of the nicest tramping experiences of my life in there. Especially long multi-day trips on the tops. You just need to pick your weather, watch the wind etc.
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Most of the people that have "failed" in the Tararuas have failed due to bad planning. Often its the weather they didnt plan for but also not understanding the length of some of the lesser traveled routes. The guy from Tepapa didnt listen to the weather or to people on the track telling him what was to come. The 2 earlier this year on a 12 hour unmarked route including some of the Tararuas gruntiest climbs in winter conditions and no winter tramping experience. Truth is both groups were as good as dead when they left the carpark it just took a while for them to realize.
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