Sleeping bag or Down Jacket & trousers?

Helo hello! I am unsure which could be the best option. Is it worth sleeping in essentially a 'down suit' and skipping a sleeping bag? ...or forget the down trousers and get a sleeping bag. I am not overly keen on sleeping bags, restrictions and what not. Im not sure what temperature differences would feel like. Anyone tried this out? Thanks, Yotis
bags are a lot warmer for the weight. a lot less surface area to loose heat through. down pants will get clammy against your skin and with less air getting inside them
"down pants will get clammy against your skin and with less air getting inside them" I would have that happen and many a male might too experience the clamminess. It's rare that i have to zip up a sleeping bag. My partner, Kathryn does not sweat much. Like many females, will experience less circulation to extremities. She experiences cold urticaria. It is often her preference to use the down pants and top. That has a lot to do with the versatility of the suit. It can be worn around camp a bit easier than the sleeping bag.
Regarding clammy-ness... I would never use down garment against bare skin, I would always recommend a lightweight long sleeve shirt and pants, allows you to more more freely and keeps your down much cleaner and therefore warmer. In my view, wearing a down hat and down socks will make a huge difference when sleeping, more so than anything else (outside a sleeping pad)
Regarding the clamminess I would defiantly wear some other layer under the down items. I am also thinking that if I am camping alone id feel a little bit more safe if I could move quicker and not have to get out of a sleeping bag (maybe I sound ridiculous there) but I am looking for overall warmth, comfort and size/weight ratio mainly. I might just buy some down trousers and give it a go before going off for a few weeks into the wilderness. Thanks for your replies too, greatly appreciated. Yotis.
the clamminess comes fro lack of air circulating under a warm insulation layer, another layer doesnt solve that, a sleeping back is better at solving that, thats why people use them
An inner layer doesn't stop the clammieness, it just gives the moisture somewhere to go that hopefully doesn't feel as clammy during the night and that you can take off in the morning.

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Started by yotis
On 24 July 2019
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