Hooker valley alternative.

Hey all, I'm mount cook for a couple of days, and planned on doing the hooker valley track. Unfortunately it is closed at the moment. Can anyone recommend which of the many available day hikes would be most worth it? Probably only have time to do one or two, so looking to get bang for our buck regarding amazing views :) Thanks everyone
So many great little walks up there. Mueller Hut is MIND-BLOWING but you'll need proper alpine skills and gear to get there this time of year. In summer it's a doddle I did at age 10. Sealy Tarns? Or go up the side of Tasman Glacier.
I take guided day trips up there, and as far as bang for your buck goes, you really can't go past a simple stroll down to the Tasman Glacier lake where the river starts. A whole bucketload of icebergs there at the moment. Will post a couple of photos.

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Started by Smeesh
On 23 July 2019
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