One man plus one dog tent

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Hi guys, Looking for recommendations for a tent for me and my dog - 3 season use in the SI. I have an Exped Gemini III which has been pretty good for two humans and a dog, I now want something smaller for just me and the dog. Dog is a ~28kg staffy/cattle dog x and she will be sleeping next to me on her own little mat. Options on the list so far are Macpac Microlight and Minaret. Would be keen to hear of any other suggestions based on first hand experience. Cheers
I don't have a dog but assuming they will sleep in the vestibule I would very strongly recommend the Vango Helium Series, they make one and two person tents around 1.1-1.3kg, bombproof floors and nice designs. If going Macpac I would go with the Sololight
The Macpac Minaret would give you the most versatility and is perfect for one person and a medium/large dog or two people that are happy to sleep quite close together. The Microlight is a bit more of a squeeze (our dog doesn’t like to be touched while sleeping and at 30kg she takes up about the same room as my pack which can be a challenge). Both tents are bomber for the SI most of the year they’re just not built for serious snow loading. If you’re an average sized human and store some of your gear in the vestibule then I think you’re better off with the microlight as it sounds like you want to downsize a bit. This is just my experience with the two tents, I work for macpac so I won’t pretend that’s an objective recommendation over other brands! Good luck with your search.
Thanks guys some good info. Dog sleeps inside curled up next to me - warmer for both of us. Macpac is still looking good at this stage - just waiting for the next sale ;)
What kinda dog do you have?
She is a Staffy/Cattle Dog X
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Hi Sean, I've had really good experience with my Kiwi Camping Pukeko tent, they do make very good robust tents with decent materials. Take a look at this, it's brilliant for me and my terrier: Good luck with your search!
I have a macpac macrolight tent. It's a 2 man. Not sure if it's still avaliable. Pretty bomb proof. I have a cattle dog x too. She has 2 vestibles to choose from or the option to snuggle in with me. I can fit two matresses and still fit her. I can't complain.
They've just put them on sale (again)
couldn't see the macrolight, just the microlight on there.
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Started by Sean64
On 14 July 2019
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