Hump Ridge track to be next "Great Walk"

DOC media release: Interesting to note that for the "Great Walk" the track will be a three night trip rather than the two nights it currently takes. Perhaps this is so the guided walkers are somewhat separated from the freedom walkers, ala Milford Track, so you don't get the impression of 80 people walking the same piece of track at once. I personally thought the Te Paki track was more likely given that it has a very different style and feel to it than the Hump and QC tracks, and was in a different island and a significant cultural element. The Minister's comments below clearly suggest otherwise. “DOC will also continue its work in the far north to progress plans for what is currently Te Paki Coastal Track, becoming a Great Walk. “Te Paki Coastal Track showcases a highly significant part of Aotearoa,” “The cultural value attributed to some iconic locations along the track would arguably exceed those found across other major tracks in New Zealand. “It is clear, however, that this experience can only be truly ‘great’ if it is founded on a strong and meaningful partnership with iwi and is looked at as part of a considered and strategic vision for sustainable tourism development in the region,”
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Yeah. I hear you. Visitors might expect huts. But I'm picturing a map of the proposed Te Paki great walk showing "great walk campsites" not huts, just as the W(h)anganui River journey great walk has campsites, not huts. I remember specifically my reaction of surprise that it was to be a great walk but be camping only. But I'm stuffed if I can find the document now online. Maybe I imagined it or maybe it was one of the early discussion documents that got emailed about when DOC were trying to come up with their shortlist.
DOC wanted to get a great walk in in the north for easier access for the bigger population... easier said than done since there's a lot of conditions that need to be met to qualify for a great walk and how much its going to cost... so they may be trying to shoehorn the northern one in to make it happen... there were a couple of dozen tracks up for consideration nationwide , most were ruled out for one reason or another, i think they were taking into account the likelihood of displacing locals on established tracks. which ruled out a lot of tracks... great walks were only in national parks in the past in areas that were known for their scenery... a lot of the tracks they considered weren't in national parks, they opened up the options.. but they cant put another one in the ureweras since its not DOC administered anymore...
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Started by nzbazza
On 14 July 2019
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