Kashmir Road

Anyone driven on Kashmir Road of late? DoC site says it is suitable for 2WD cars but a couple of tramping club trip reports from 2018 say differently. I'm looking to do a trip into Longview but it's a long drive and I'll pass if there's a risk of bogging at the end of it.
Recommend you post this question to the wellington tramping & mountaineering club FB page - they do quite a few trips in that area and may be able to help.
Assuming there is no snow on the road, the "4WD" bit is usually just the steep hill at the end of the road up to the carpark. Worst case scenario you can park at the bottom and walk the last 400m up the hill. That said, there have been issues with the culverts washing out, but I haven't heard anything recently. Give DoC a ring they will set you right.
No risk of bogging typical Forrest service road hard and rutted. 2wd up to the car park is fine just take it easy through the pot holes some of them are deep.
Thanks for the advice. I haven't tried DoC yet as my success rate has been low over the years (often no-one answers the phone), but will give them a ring closer to the date. These responses are positive enough for me anyway.

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Started by Bagger
On 13 July 2019
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