West Coast Price Range rescue

https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/114065946/instagramfamous-australian-bow-hunter-rescued-from-west-coast-mountains Interesting. I'd expect if flying into the hills, you'd have the gear and food to survive if pickup is delayed. Taking a stream route to get off the tops in the likes of the Price Range seems by risky
GPS and phone. Didn't say "satellite" phone.
@TararuaHunter It seems he was camping but all his gear was wet and staying put was not an option. That's the thing about the Southern Alps in winter, once you are wet if you cannot light a fire or get to a hut, the freezing damp and wind is a very dangerous combination. Still despite a bad navigation mistake, he's survived a tough night and is being open about what he did wrong. Congrats to the chopper team who got him out of there, probably wasn't a nice spot to be flying. Joe Rogan has a couple of podcasts with him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgzGWS28I2k
Some lovely photos. It must have been a sat phone if it worked in a gorge or was one of those SPOT satellite messengers with the preprogrammed "get me outa here" message. He has used Garmin Inreach. And it's not the first time he's followed a water system and encountered waterfalls.
I presume he was camping. and would have clothes, gear etc for the stay. Getting wet hunting happens lots. That's why spare clothes are taken. still cant see why he had to bail out. presuming he had camping gear and food
it mentioned in the article he thought he couldn't go forwards or back the way he came

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Started by TararuaHunter
On 8 July 2019
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