I'm wanting to buy a new GPS for under $500 with maps of NZ either loaded or included in the price. Also which is the best, AA batteries or internal rechargeable battery?
AA batterys can be swapped when flat. Much quicker and more reliable than an internal battery and power pac
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Definitely with @geeves on the AA batteries. Just make sure you use Lithium batteries as "normal" ones will run down in about 8 hours on most models. Whereas lithium last about 40 in my experience. I use an Etrex 20 from Garmin. It cost about $260 though that was 6 or 7 years ago now. Also came with a deal where you could send away for the topomap SD card for free which was a good deal as the SD card was normally about $240 from memory. Not sure if they still offer that deal. Even without I imagine you should be able to get the unit+maps for around your $500 budget though you may have to wait until it comes on special.
I have an etrex 30 bought new with colour NZ maps for around $300 three years ago. I run rechargeable batteries on it. On the trips where the GPS is on for all-day tramping, it will easily run for 2 days, if not longer. Take a spare set and your GPS will most probably run for 4 days or more. Try to get the highest mAh batteries you can though.
I have a Garmin Oregon 600/650 I'm not using anymore if you're still looking. It has the NZ Topo and the, what I consider better from Mr Purple (free). Let me know if you're interested and make an offer.

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Started by Mr Finch
On 29 June 2019
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