Power banks for tramping

Lately I've been updating electrical devices (torch, gps, camera are my main three). More and more they're trending towards charging and/or running straight of USB, whether or not they have replaceable batteries. I used to try and always get stuff that ran off AA batteries to make it simpler to manage spare power between them, but now it's making more sense to have lighter devices and carry a power bank instead. I presume many people here are already doing something like this. I haven't bought one for a while, though. With a tentative look there seem to be lots of power banks out there, but much of which also looks very consumer grade and aimed at people are are just hanging around town and worried about their phone battery running out. Are there any favourites out there for tramping purposes, or thoughts on what might be good value for money? In my mind I'd like something reliable and reasonably durable, like if I knock it or if it got a little wet then I'd want it to keep working. Weight's always of interest, as is having a decent charge and some kind of indicator of remaining charge. I'm not expecting to get it perfect first time, but I might as well try. Any thoughts?
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I have had good luck with the Mi power banks from PB tech. This one supports 18w fast charge although they do have a cheaper 15w one: https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/BAPMIX15248/Xiaomi-Mi-10000mAh-Gold-Power-Bank-Pro-Slim-Design Also the Nitecore F1 is a lighter, less robust version of what madpom just posted. PB tech had them in stock a while back. They are also all over ali express: https://charger.nitecore.com/product/f1 Whatever you get I would reccomend getting a fast charging power bank. This means both the phone and the power bank charge in less than an hour rather than multiple hours. The F1 is a handy device because you can then charge your torch battery from the power bank and charge your phone from your torch battery. It adds a good bit of flexability.
Yes - I use a Mi Boxer battery charger for charging at home. They seem a good quality brand. Probably the best bit of electronics kit I've bought recently. A multi-type charger for Lithium Ion (18650, etc) and AA/AAA. Charges at up to 3A per slot (12 a total). Monitors battery temperature to cut the charge rate if overheating is occurring. And tells you the total charge in mAh that it's put into each battery. 4-bank charger, each slot controlled separately so you can mix battery types, and batteries of different charge levels. Dead battery (LiIon) revival, etc as you'd expect from a top-end charger.
I absolutely love GoerTek 25000mAh solar power bank. It has three USB ports so I can charge my phone and tablet at the same time. It is solar so it perfect for taking with me hunting, fishing, camping or anywhere I go that does not have a ac power outlet. It will change my phone just as fast as plugging into the wall.
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