Gillespie Pass Circuit in Winter

Hello people! I hope everyone is doing great. Did someone of you ever done the Gillespie track in winter? Having full equipment for tramping in winter would you recommend it? I've been seeing lot of news lately of people caught in blizzard storm and not making it.. What's your thoughts about it ?
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Hey, giuseppe23, you might need reading glasses - it's **m a d p o M** :astonished:
Madporn.. mmmm's got a ring to it.
Is there a doctor in the house? I just bit my tongue off...
Think I need glasses...I never noticed the misspelling!
Omg that's funny
Guys...I have been in this forum for 2 years now...and I always thought that the name was MAD PORN....ok...I beg for forgiveness hahahah. G.
@giuseppe23 easy mistake to make when you look at @madpom's avatar photo... :smile:
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Started by giuseppe23
On 24 June 2019
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