closing off Lake Waikaremoana by stealth

Shane Jones warns TÅ«hoe against closing off Lake Waikaremoana by stealth
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so would they then charge for access to the road if they were able to seal it with their sealant and own it?
I'm sure Tuhoe would be trying to work with authorities on the road because they have an obvious stake in it, and the recent refs agree that Tuhoe had been keen on using a particular seal, but isn't SH38 the ultimate responsibility of the Wairoa District Council and the NZTA? Where did you hear the story, @trooper?
they have a stake in the waikaremoana walk , but they arent doing much to maintain it to the standard DOC had it at
If both parties were engaged in this negotiation in good faith there is little doubt the various problems around the road, the GW and visitor numbers could be resolved. They largely devolve to matters of funding and who gets the profit. At least part of the problem at present is that Tuhoe feel like they're lumbered with much of the costs, while lacking the resources and expertise to deal with them. Their desire for a better deal is very understandable. But even the most fleeting familiarity with the history of the region informs us that at root Tuhoe believe the land is belongs them exclusively. Ultimately there is a wish for a separate Urewera nation and this desire, however subdued in the present, makes it difficult for the State and Local Govt to find lasting common ground with them. And this will be what Shane Jones is reacting to. Look forward to this issue festering for generations to come. It has already.
With everything out there I really think DOC should be assessing if it can practically be kept up to the standard that's implied for its Great Walks. It'd probably be a very politically sensitive thing if that status were revoked, though, given the attention it'd likely attract.
theres a document DOC have which dictates the standards the tracks need to be maintained to, specifies how much mud and piddles are tolerated by default... and about maintaining it.. cant recall where it is, it was online...
I was there in April last year, my first trip back in 4 years. I was a little surprised in how much of the road had been sealed compared to my trip 4 years previous. I travelled from Auckland via Rotorua / Murupara. My personal point of view is leave the road unsealed. It at least puts some off travelling it, and lends a feel of travelling through a more primeval piece of the country. There are problems, as evidenced by the length of time a portion of the track was closed last year. At one point questions were being asked as to whether it was actually going to be opened again. When there it was very busy, yet I can't say I saw too much evidence of rubbish apart from an overly full rubbish bin at the Onepoto end. Plus the huts didn't actually look as if regular maintenance was being carried out. The track was pretty much the same as I have ever known it apart from a couple of extra deviations due to previous years storm damage. Tuhoe's proposal for the management of Te Urewera as an entity is somewhat unique but progress to putting it into action seems a long time in coming and uncertainty still hangs over it all.
Regarding the road seal story source. last november while i was waiting at the info centre for my ride to the trailhead i got talking to one of the young ladies who works in the centre. she told me about the seal. Then Tina (seems like head honcho) who told me to be at the info centre at 8 and didnt arrive til 9, while she was driving me to trailhead informed me of the plans to remove all rubbish bins and advised they were in the process of installing signage and cell towers so people can get their own self sorted via the net. the water taxi service had just quit the week before and there seemed to be ripples among the boating families who have been going there all their lives and now dealing with changes. She also said the roads in from wairoa(and obviously the helicopters installing the cell towers) were first priority and the great walk was last in line as some bridges had to be replaced and seemed to be in the too hard basket. While driving out we stopped for at the brand spanken new ruatahuna lodge/restaurant/4square. confusing messages.
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