Thermals that don't pill (as much)

Pulling out my thermals for winter, they are looking sad and need to shop for some more. I'm trying to find some that doesn't pill as much. I did have a pair of thermal pants a few years, that pilled a lot less than the others, but has disappeared and I cant remember the brand. They weren't as warm, but they were really comfy. Anyone know what they might have been (polyester?) I can't wear knitted wool against my skin (especially on my torso and neck) ... doesn't matter how fine the Merino is, it's either itchy or pins/chilly feeling from them. I had a few Icebreakers (and another Aussie brand) and ended up giving them away.
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Ignore my comments I just found single blend pilling on some leggings
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Started by pseudo
On 17 June 2019
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