looking for kids osprey ace 38 pack

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they dont seem to sell them anymore. I have a 7 and 8 year old to kit out and that pack ticked most boxes for me. any ideas? also kids boots that wont make me bankrupt in a year. haar.
Unless you can find one 2nd hand, a place in Spain is offering new. Bivouac & Torpedo7 are both offering the 50L. Macpac have a Torleese Jr 30L at $150, down from $230 https://www.macpac.co.nz/kids/packs-child-carriers/macpac-torlesse-30l-jr-pack/114184.html?cgid=kids-packs_child_carriers#start=5 Macpac are offering Hi-Tec tramping boots, but you might get those cheaper from Rebel Sport on a sale weekend ?.
From what I've observed, most kids that age are wearing trail shoes. They may even be running shoes. Probably wearing a well-fitting comfortable shoe is more important than wearing boots.
My kids wore trail runners as their everyday shoes (dressmart/online discounters) and they used them for tramping all over the Tararuas and for multi-day tramps over Christmas. For packs they used some 2nd hand 40 litre packs, which were large enough for all their own gear plus a bit of group gear or food. My daughter only got her first pair of boots (and a larger adult size pack) at 16 as she needed them for crampons for some alpine/snow trips. Some friends of mine use the Deuter Fox 40 pack for their kids, it has an adjustable back length so the pack can grow with the kid. Found it on sale here for $140. https://www.outdooraction.co.nz/products/deuter-fox-40-kids-backpack
If the "place in Spain" @Pro-active mentioned is Trekinn I advise extreme caution buying from them (or any of their other sites for that matter). I have a friend who bought a pack off them and had his card charged three times for it before finally receiving the pack nearly 6 months after first purchasing it. I have also heard second-hand accounts of others experiencing similar multiple charging and/or non-sending of product from Trekinn/Diveinn/Skiinn etc. (Having said that I also know of others who have had no problems.) Also, definitely do not expect any warranty support from them if it is needed. You can google for independent reviews of their family of sites then make of your own mind if you did want to proceed with that avenue.
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Trooper I have sent you a p.m if you are interested. I have an assortment of kids tramping boots and a macpac kids tramping pack. My boys used these from age 6
Trooper I have sent you a p.m if you are interested. I have an assortment of kids tramping boots and a macpac kids tramping pack. My boys used these from age 6
I have had experience with my boys in running shoes and tramping boots. Tramping boots win hands down everytime
Thank you for the helpful comments. the Deuter fox pack is too big for my two. yes ive been looking at macpac torlesse for my boy and I also looked at the hi tec boots too. because our multiday hikes planned are going to be gnarly im looking for a boot that has a decent sole. will try to find your message Gaiters. thank you.
I got the Deuter Fox 40l pack for both my daughters. Really so happy with them. When we first got them they were a little too big for my youngest (at the time 8, but we breed them small). It was still sooo much better than the school pack (or my wife's day pack that she had been using). And given that the youngest only carry's about 5kg it really isn't that big a deal if it is too large.
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Started by trooper
On 10 June 2019
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