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Hi all, I am again looking for track recommendations to try and trick my friends into spending time in the bush with me. This time I am looking for overnight tramps in the Tararuas. Since I am from ak and will be visiting friends down in Wellington, I'd like to take them out with me overnight. Could anyone familiar with the area recommend tramps that are: - Overnight to a hut (preferably a crusty old 4 bunker with a fire) - <3 hours drive from Wellington CBD - 3-4 hours from carpark - gorgeous to look at Thanks heaps in advance P.S. I had a look on the DOC website, but the search feature seems to only suggest two tracks...? P.P.S two night tramps might also be good, could push it out to 5 hours.
Nowhere good in the tarrys. Better to give them a miss haha. Go to cone hut. Hour and half drive to waiohine gorge carpark from welly. Two hour hike to cone hut with a bit of everything bar tops. Classic crusty 4 bunk hut with fire. Stunning spot. Easy hour and a half day hike fropm hut to top of cone for stunning views of the tops in snow.
Fantastic @Gaiters. Thanks for that will have a geeze.
Every road end in the Tarries is within 3 hours driving of Wellington. Virtually every road end has a hut 2-4 hours walk in from it. Some hut options that match are Kapakapanui, Field, Cone, Sayer, Blue Range.
Sounds like a wonderland. Thanks
My suggestion is either of the Ohau huts: North or South. Great river bash to either with a little gorge fun for kicks. Gotta be normal/low flow. North Ohau is a fav; a lil' 4 bunker with a wood burner that is rarely visited. South Ohau is much more popular but is also awesome. Gateway is Poads Road east of Levin.
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Get frozen gonads visiting either ohau hut at this time of the year its almost entirely via the river, and that means in it. Cone. Sayers or blue range would be my pic. But cone with a detour day hike up to cone peak would be the way to go for sure.
A nice valley walk - Tutuwai hut. Its a lovely little hut in a great spot. Fairly flat walking too. Uphill grunt huts include Alpha and Field - the latter gets really busy. Yea, otherwise Cone hut is also a good choice.
mmm... frozen gonads...
cow creek is also great but can be busy. It gets cozy with 12 inside
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