Helicopter rescue goes for a spin.

Works out alright in the end, but goes a bit beyond fun around the 48sec mark. https://youtu.be/Y3ViHPnxuk8 "On Wednesday, a 74-year-old woman stumbled and suffered head and face injuries while hiking Piestewa Peak in Arizona’s Phoenix Mountain Preserve.... "But after a rescuer rappelled down from the helicopter, and secured the woman in a stretcher to a line, something went wrong.... as the basket holding the woman was pulled off the ground, the basket started to interact with the “rotor wash,” or the turbulence caused by the rotary wings. The hook attaching the basket to the wire is designed to spin—and spin it did.... Normally, an extra line prevents the basket from spinning out of control, but in this case—possibly because of strong winds—the line failed, and “eventually broke .... “Once we got to forward flight the spin got quite a bit less to the point where they were safely able to bring the patient up to the aircraft, and we could land,” .... the woman was given medicine for dizziness and nausea once she arrived at the hospital, but was in stable condition and seemed to suffer no other effects from the spin.""
It went from bad to worse and somehow I don't believe their story about the 2nd line breaking. A bit of ready teddy and up she comes boys, methinks! Translation- she'll be right! Poor woman should join the space program after surviving that gyro test.
The line may of been frayed or not tied properly causing the failure.

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Started by Pro-active
On 6 June 2019
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