A common sense approach to gear weight

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVuJoZfMXi0 "Dan Becker In this video I discuss ultralight backpacking, ultralight gear, and lightweight gear and why I decided not to care as much about any of the weight any longer when I backpack" Found this on YouTube, and thought it was worth sharing. Cheers, Moh. -------------------------------
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I thought this was a "tramping" forum. Whats all this Hiking stuff?
Some "interesting" advice from the Auckland tramping club https://www.aucktramping.org.nz/index.php/about-tramping/uncle-wacko-s-gear
Uncle Wacko seems to suffer from TDS too. Tramping is just soo much better without the politics.
Sure, but now we are talking about Trump, because you mentioned him.
No, Uncle Wacko mentions him. I had a look at these articles. A politicised tramping club. Must be very exclusive.
Trump who? What did I miss?
Uncle Wacko seems to have felt it necessary to reference Trump in his opinionated advice column, I guess as some sort of attempt at humour or to align himself with *his* audience. Berend brought this up to mention that tramping is better without politics, on a tramping forum, thus negating his own recommendation. :)
We all partake in a past time named after him. Trumping.
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Politics aside, Uncle Wacko has some incorrect information on materials used in some tents.
Some of my most fun tramps have involved arguing about politics..... Besides, I tend to find that for some reason, clubs I have been a member of tend to attract those of the same liberal leanings as myself. But it really wouldnt bother me either way, in reality.
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Forum Gear talk
Started by Moh_Oz
On 26 May 2019
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