A common sense approach to gear weight

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVuJoZfMXi0 "Dan Becker In this video I discuss ultralight backpacking, ultralight gear, and lightweight gear and why I decided not to care as much about any of the weight any longer when I backpack" Found this on YouTube, and thought it was worth sharing. Cheers, Moh. -------------------------------
i never take advice from people based in other countries. the advice doesn't necessarily translate well to NZ conditions.. the american west has much milder summer weather than NZ, the gear they use is designed for there, not here.
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tramping advice from someone wearing a cotton t shirt
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He's been tramping since 2015 and he feels ready to give advice on the subject lol. Bloody social media.
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So I inadvertedly clicked on the flag on Waynowski's post, then tried to press cancel in the popup, and it said "flagged". I'm not convinced custom forum software is doing this forum any favours...
>Bloody social media. You're not a subscribe-to-my-channel video person either, then?
its easy for someone to do a blog and sound authoritative and get sucked into what they are saying... some people just sound confident and competent by default... but as mentioned, where are they from, where have they had experience? and where are they giving their advice for, and how long have they been active ? they can give advice on gear, but how much other gear have they used to compare it to? and how well does that gear really relate to where you are tramping? most experienced NZ trampers dont use ultralight gear by default. they may use it in some situations. but don't rely on it as a go to for all scenario's i'm wary of people who say you need a specific kit for tramping... if you only have one kit then i wouldnt be relying on ultralight gear in NZ, and if i was i'd be wary of where i took it and in which weather conditions I used it..
It is possible to have ultra light gear in NZ and not die but it costs so much and has such a short lifespan its not a good idea for most of us. That video didnt talk about the important bits of kit so I have to wonder what his wet weather gear was What he wears as a base layer and his choice of boots.
I now understand that I completely missed the point of the video. What I took away from it was that you should choose the gear that works best for you, and lowest weight doesn’t always yield the best outcomes. I unfortunately paid no attention to the fact that the person not from NZ, is wearing a cotton t-shirt, and has only been hiking for 4 years. I do feel embarrassed, please ignore this thread. As always, you guys are great mentors. Cheers, Moh P.S. if you look at the reflection in his sunglasses, he appears to be shooting the video in his backyard. He's obviously a complete fraud. I'm even more embarrassed now!
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Stupid Light https://andrewskurka.com/2012/stupid-light-not-always-right-or-better/
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Started by Moh_Oz
On 26 May 2019
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