2018 Tarptent Notch for Sale - Like New Condition

Like new condition 2018 Tarptent Notch for sale $400. This tent has been used once in the field and set up in my yard three times. This is the newer version without the zipper on the fly and uses the upgraded 3000 hydrostatic head silnylon. This tent was seam sealed by Tarptent but I've given it a second coat as well as painted stripes and dots on the floor to prevent sleeping pads from slipping. I have no issues with the tent however I've noticed on Tarptent shelters in general that their bug netting clumps up a bit in places, I contacted Tarptent about this and they said it was very normal and you just need to massage the netting to realign it. I have pics but can't work out how to post them??? Overall I love this tent but just received the Dan Durston X-mid and prefer that design for my bad back (taller doors), so this one is going to get unloaded. Brand new this would go for $534 ($349 USD) plus shipping from the US, I will let it go for $400 including shipping within New Zealand. Email me at organiseforchange@gmail.com if interested. https://www.tarptent.com/product/notch/
Tent is sold

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Started by jmeyer
On 25 May 2019
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