Price hike for Great Walks one year on

Love it or hate it, more kiwis are doing the Great Walks since the differential fees got introduced. Here's a summary from the article... # Price hike for Great Walks: More money, fewer tourists [article link]( >Increased pricing for tourists on some of the Great Walks tracks this past summer has meant far fewer tourists but an extra $2.4 million for the Department of Conservation. > >The 2018/19 season had 31 percent fewer international adult visitors to the tracks, but 37 percent more adult New Zealanders compared to the previous year. ![visitor figures]( >The trial had three objectives: >*improve access to the Great Walks for people usually resident in New Zealand >*increase the proportion of costs that are received from international users >*charge international visitors a fee that more fairly reflects the high value of the experience > >"The independent evaluation of the differential pricing trial found the trial met two of its three objectives - increasing access for New Zealand residents to the walks and international visitors contributing more towards the costs of the walks," Ms White said. > >"However, the third objective - that the fee more fairly reflected the true value of these experiences - had a more mixed response. New Zealand residents generally supported it but international visitors less so. While we want to ensure access for New Zealand residents on these walks, it's also important we listen to our international guests. Next season's results will inform how we price our experiences longer term." > >The extra $2.4m from the trial would be used to maintain the tracks so the department could focus its funding on core conservation work, she said.
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Scary. Never trusted robots since that one went berserk in Lost in Space.
A robotic horse, just what I need for tramping in the future. Wonder what the recharge facility is like. But probably not lightweight enough to be practicable. We all know the military have no idea of what lightweight is.
The military aren't the only ones working on such things. I have seen more agile (maybe less robust) units.
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