Whitcombe valley track condition

Whitcombe valley from Neave down to Frews. Does anyone have any updates on the track after the March flood.Any info would be much appreciated.
Hi,Glenn Johnston lives in Hokitika & posts on here a lot.If he doesn`t know,he`ll know someone that does.DOC Hokitika are usually very helpful too.
I haven't walked that bit of the Whitcombe for a while. We've had floods since the March ones too. I'd expect the unstable slips along the way to have moved a bit as these slips often do. It shouldn't stop you though. The snow line is quite low at the moment and Neave Hut is likely to be surrounded by snow. Now is not the most plesant time of year to be in the upper Whitcombe. (I can see up the Whitcombe from upstairs at home in Hoki)
We were at Lyell hut at the weekend. There was 200mm of snow around the hut and like Glennj says I imagine Neave would be well surrounded by at least that much. Starting to get a good freeze up there but it will be a bit too punchy for a while yet if your up for winter travel.

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Started by Richard/s
On 7 May 2019
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