Road conditon to Mt Arthur carpark

What's the road like these days up to the road end up at the Mt Arthur carpark? Aka the Flora Carpark. I was planning to take my mother up there tomorrow but now she's terrified because the information centre person said we needed a 4WD to go up that road. Information Centre hyper-cautiousness, or truth?
I'll ask my brother. He's always going up there and was there very recently.
1 deleted post from Honora
Thanks, but we're off up now. I'll report back this evening.
Noted James and Honora. Here's my take anyway and we'll see if we concur post-trip. "2wd with care but nothing to be afraid of. You can either get up or not and you'll need to keep the revs up and maintain momentum on the ascent. Some deep corrugations may be traversed by crisscrossing the road rather than bombing straight up. Some 2wd backpacker cars there 2 weeks ago." I'll ask TDC what they intend to do about it as it's in the worst condition that I've seen.
Yes we just now drove up in a 2wd corolla, and it was fine. But we couldn't have made it in the wet. Cheers for the responses.
@longtack there had been a bulldozer or grader over it in the past two or three days, so it looks like the TDC finally got around to it.
@James the Giant: thanks, I'll pass that on to longtack in case he hasn't seen this post.

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Started by James the Giant
On 2 May 2019
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