Cold Stream Hut - Lake Sumner FP

Quick update re: Cold Stream Hut in Lake Sumner FP: major rat infestation! Had an overnight there this past Thursday. Hut reeked of rat urine, with ammonia stains on the bunk slats. There was a veritable rat city in the ceiling void, with parties continuing through the night. Even heard them in the void during the day, so you know they owned the place. Couldn't get the stench out of my nostrils for the entire tramp out.
Yuk! I've sent DoC an email so they know and I've put your alert on the hut page details here too. cheers, Honora
Coldstream was famous for its rats 15 yrs ago. Guess nothing's changed.
The person who is now caring for the hut has been given bait and will replace the mattress covers as well. So all good.
Thanks again very much, Honora! I know this is one of perhaps dozens of huts that may have extensive rodent infestation. However, I felt it appropriate to comment on this page because the hut is popular with all sorts as an easy, accessible overnighter. Thank you for your quick action and notification of relevant parties.

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Started by Gregor
On 29 April 2019
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