Screen protectors for GPS etc?

Hi there - I use a camera and GPS on walks constantly. On my last trip the screen protector I used (a crap cheapie from trademe) failed and yes, another big gouge on my GPS screen from falling on rocks in the raglan range. I find if I dont use these - my gear invariably gets irreversible deep scratches on their screens. But I need to get some decent protectors that last a long time - I have used good ones before but cant remember where I got them. Important must-haves is that they must be cuttable to size to fit my screens. Anyone else use these, and can you recommend a good brand? cheers
What sort of GPS are you using that needs a screen protector? I can't think of an occasion when any of my Garmin devices have gotten any scratches, but maybe I've been lucky.
paper map
I use an Etrex 30, before that I had another small garmin. Plus a camera. I either end up dropping them (not very often) or other gear rubbing against them - if they are stored for short periods in gear bags etc - in that time they can get scratched. I just found a proper protector that will fit the etrex 30 on TM, that may do the GPS at least.
I've used one on phone and tablet called "ArmorSuit", the difference to other protectors is that it self heals, if you scratch it within a few days the scratch just disapears.
@Discus - Anybody sell "ArmorSuit" in NZ ?.
Nice - one that you can cut to size would be ideal - most phone screen protectors (which I usually use) are now tempered glass - which are not cutable
Go to somewhere like Harvey Norman/JB Hifi/Noel Leeming/Camera Shop and pick up a plastic screen protector from an old tablet or phone thats in the clearance bin and cut to size. They should be good enough quality and cheaper than buying a new/current one. I got an iPad3 one for something like ten bucks a couple years back and it's still holding well.
pbtech have an extensive stock of screen protectors.

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Started by si-dog
On 29 April 2019
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