hypothermic tramper rescued from Tararuas

Wairarapa Search and Rescue "Hypothermic Tramper rescued by local pilot. This evening Horowhenua SAR coordinated a search for a tramper in distress in the area of Kime Hut in the southern Tararuas. Carterton pilot, Jason Diedrichs was called on to assist late in the day. He located the tramper lying motionless near the track below Kime Hut. The tramper was flown to Masterton hospital. We don't know what her condition is but at least she is where she needs to be." https://www.facebook.com/WairarapaSearchandRescue
They 'knew' she was in distress ?. Forecast is cold wet & drizzly for a couple of days. Timely rescue. Hope she pulls through.
Checking the link I'm truly surprised by the amount of people rescued from the tarrys. Jingo what are these people doing?
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over 40 pepole in kime hut on one night in the long weekend, more outside in tents, saw a photo of an ultra light tent pitched outside kime...
Tararuas attract a huge number of trampers. Could possibly be the busiest forest park in the country. You have the 3rd and 6th largest city plus 2 major towns and a dozen small towns right on its flanks meaning 600000 people with easy access. Add to that the fact that the western Tararuas are the second wettest place in the country and possibly the windiest. Then they have a true alpine aspect. What other places give access to 2000 meter peaks within a hour drive and 3 hour walk from home
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Maybe part of the problem is the closeness of the range to welly, so the ultralight crowd convince themselves that "it wont get that bad" - despite the myriad of rescues conducted in there every year.
I don't think its only the 'ultralite' crowd that get into trouble. Most SAR callouts are for trampers, making wrong decisions, not knowing or ignoring the likely weather, the risk on the exposed tops. Probably mountain runners are at risk due to usually having light gear. May be as long as weather isn't extreme. and get into exhausted state (in my own experience)and can often be in places with no easy bailout option. whoever the group, its usually poor decision making. Or people not knowing what they don't know (unaware)
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