Body found on Canterbury's Mt Lancelot

Body of missing tramper found on Canterbury's Mt Lancelot
I don't think that photo is of Mt Lancelot as I don't remember any waratah markers on Jellicoe Ridge? It might be on Avalanche Peak. There are some quite deceptive bluffs in the Jellicoe Ridge area. They are not vertical and give the sense that they are climbable but can be tricky.
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article has been updated with more information
Wrong link but I think I've seen the other article earlier this morning. Seemed to have been written by someone with knowledge of the area.
sorry link updated
Hmm, that doesn't sound good: > A rescue helicopter from Greymouth with night vision equipment was then sent to the area to search for the man, but found nothing. How's that possible? Older style PLB? No homing beacon?
The other 2 members of the group had the beacon. Nothing said about the circumstances of how the missing man was found. edit: The other 2 trampers set the beacon off from Crow Hut when the 3rd tramper failed to arrive.
The news says the guy who died was slower, so he was left behind by the faster two.
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Here's a bit more info from the SAR section of the website. Tragic and terrible. I'm almost certain that all of us who visit this forums page are aware of the increased risk of injury or death when a tramping party separates. I'm sure the lead climber will be contemplating his solo ascent for the rest of his life. Years ago we were a tramping group of 4 in California's Sierra Nevada, beautiful open pine forest and granite dotted with glacial lakes. We had a slow coach with us and we left him behind. We turned off toward our lakeside campsite at what appeared to us to be an obvious bifurcation and lost our mate. Three panicked hours later we luckily found him safe and sound. Lesson learned- never separate your tramping party and if you do, have definite meet up points that are close and frequent. Lastly, always stop at a track bifurcation and wait for your travelling partner.

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