Glueing tramping boots - is it all over....?

Hi there. I have some Meindl boots that I love. Bought them second hand. And yay, they fitted. Have been using them for about a year. My feet are an awesomely hard size to find boots to fit properly (43.5 Euro). I have a problem with them. The toe of the sole is lifting. I took them into that great (and cheap) guy in wellington to repair them. He used a clear glue. Both sides of the join are rubber, and the toes were all good after that. I have just came back from a trip where I spent hours in the Otaki & YTYY rivers. Of course, the glue has failed and the toes are lifting again. Questions: Is there a way to fix this myself, can I glue them myself, if so, what glue to get? I presume that once they dry out again, the glue will hold, but only for so long.....? Not all of my trips involve so much time in the water, if I try to keep the boots dry (my next two tararua trips should mostly be) then is the glue less likely to fail? Is it all over for these boots? I have a massive trip at Easter and obviously cant risk taking these if the news is bad. Seems a shame as the uppers are fine and the soles have at least a years worth of tread on them. Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks
A lot comes down to how well they can clean the surfaces. There are many glues that should work and cobblers should know which to use. Maybe a full resole will guaranty a decent repair but thats not cheap but nor are new boots
Yeah, I was looking at some in Trek'n'Travel in Hamilton. Colin, the owner, showed me some that he'd had re-soled for a customer, with new rubber rand. It was a Meindl vibram sole, same as what they came with. $100 for the sole, $180 for sole plus new rubber rand. Pricey, but they are pricey to buy new.
Yea I wonder if Hurry Up shoe repairs here in Welly would do it for that price. Those are the guys who did the gluing job.... Do you know if a sole repair will also include replacing the grey PU part that disintegrates over time? thats the highest-risk part of these Meindl boots apparently.
Dear first clean the surface of a boot and than apply glue.
In Wellington there are a few proper shoe repair places and lots of quick and easy shoe places. Hurry up are one of the second lot. They are good and cheap for a few easy repairs but I wouldnt trust them with tramping boots. There used to be a place in Dixon street and another in Manners street both opposite pigeon park that know what they are doing
I use this stuff: About three times a season I do a light patching job. Use a combination of clamps and string tightened to help set.
@si-dog Not sure which part you are speaking of, but the pair he showed me had everything replaced below the leather upper.
Thanks all - cheers Glenn - I will try looking for those other places - I need these boots to hodl together for a big easter trip.

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Started by si-dog
On 25 March 2019
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