Christchurch tramps in mid-April, 3-5 days

Hi there, I will be down in Chch in mid-April and would like to get an adventure in. Can anyone recommend something 3-5 days long near the Chch area? I have tramped around the north and central parts of the Nth island mostly, so pretty keen to get some typically South Island views into my eyeballs, and something a bit challenging too. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.
St James Walkway is on my list, looks like a pretty good trip from what I can tell.
Both Arthur's and Lewis Passes provide abundant opportunities for adventure. St. James Walkway is a favourite of mine. It's easy walking with wonderful scenery. A more challenging area around Lewis Pass is west of the Lewis River. You can link up the Nina, Doubtful, and Hope Rivers by hopping over Devilskin Saddle to get from Nina to Doubtful, then carry on over Lake Man to get into the Hope valley. From there you can walk out to Windy Point and hitch up the road to your car or carry on walking the Tui Track to get to Boyle Village, still requiring a bit to get back up to the Nina entrance. Arthur's Pass has plenty to offer, too. The Edwards-Hawdon circuit can be walked in 3 days (or 2 if you're keen), with a bit of a come-to-jeebus moment scaling Tarn Col. You can add a night or two by heading up East Hawdon or Sudden Valley, each with wee DOC 2-person bivvys.
Its not a loop trip - but its spectacular - and my fave part of NZ - go to Carrington hut from Arthurs Pass, do a return trip to barker hut - get back to Carrington, then do a return trip to & from Waimakariri falls hut. Depends on your experience & skill level of course. Some parts up to Barker can be a rocky scramble. But man, its utterley amazing.....
Dont forget mid April is Easter time and also school holidays so there will be more people around,at the huts etc. I'd second si-dogs advice.2 hours from Christchurch you're at Klondyke Corner and off you go up the Waimak.Base at Carrington Hut and overnighters to Barker and Waimak Falls.Even maybe Crow Valley on your way out. The scenery is superb,all high country mountains and rivers. APNP is the place to go and only a couple of hours drive from Chch. Keep and eye out on the river levels though.
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Thanks all, will head to Carrington on Friday, if weather looks okay I'll try for the three passes route, but otherwise will try those overnighters mentioned. Thanks

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Started by M400-1
On 13 March 2019
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