Mid King Bivouac

Hi guys. Wanting some info regarding Mid King biv. I would like to know when it was built and replaced etc... Any help or links to websites would be appreciated. Thanks, Andrew
Hi there I think the original bivy was made in 1968, at the same time as Atiwhakatu, by NZFS and the Masterton Tramping Club. It's referenced in "The Chronology of the Tararua and Rimutaka Ranges" by Ross Kerr 5th Ed 2006. Cheers Jonathan
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You could search for exnzfs on Facebook, an amazing bunch of ex forest service employees who have taken on the maintenance for a good number of tararua huts and bivvies. I think @tararuahunter is a member of that group.
Yea the NZ Ex FS guys maintain this biv. Dont know if you have been there or not - however I wouldnt recommend staying. On my last visit there in about September 2018, it was quite damp inside. The info in the Ross Kerr chronology referred to above does note that it was built in 1968, and it doesnt record any repairs having been on it since then (the chronology does reference repairs on other huts since their establishment). Also, the list on pages 36-38 of that chronology only notes one version of the biv, whereas other huts that have been replaced with a newer version are recorded as "X hut 1", "X hut 2" etc, on that site. So I guess the implication is that this biv is the original on that site. The Ex NZFS guys would know for sure. I bumped into them all on my last trip to Carkeek, some of them were there doing some repairs to a rear window. Of course - any repairs doen by them wont be noted in that Ross Kerr chronology.
Awesome. Thanks so much. Seems like the ex NZFS guys are doing a great job1
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Started by AndrewTaylor
On 12 March 2019
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