Sunglasses or Goggles for winter hiking?

What's your preference if you are walking during a snow blizzard ? Would you like to have sunglasses with blue/yellow glass or some type of mountaineering solid googles ? Thinking on doing the Overland Track in Tasmania this winter I would love to have your opinion regards this piece of gear. What's your experience regard ?
sunglasses will do, its more about covering up your face.. if its goggle weather on the overland track you probably shouldnt be walking in it
Thanks for that. Yeah that's what I the alps I always see people walking with goggles during winter that's why. If I do would be my first multi day walk in winter I want the max preparation possible.
not as high or cold or extreme weather as the alps
sunglasses! I recently bought a pair of them from for my winter trip. I never prefer wearing goggles because I feel too much burden. I also suggest you buy sunglasses instead of goggles.
I even ski in sunglasses although they are not fun during a face plant
I've taken ski googles once on a climbing trip. That was on a trip where a white-out was predicted. With the orange perspex? they were brilliant in the conditions. It made things so much more pleasant. However Frank was wearing sunglasses and visibility for him was so poor and the snow blowing in his face so unpleasant that we aborted the climb and retreated to the valley.

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Started by giuseppe23
On 11 March 2019
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