Layering Sleeping bags.

Just sharing my experience with a layered sleeping system. On my recent trip to Kahurangi, I decided to experiment with my sleeping system. As I come from a warm climate, my main sleeping bag is a 50F/10C sleeping quilt. I have a heavy Mont Nadgee sleeping bag that I usually take to NZ, not entirely sure of the temp rating, but I have never zipped it up as I always get too hot regardless of whether I am in a hut or tent. On a previous summer trip, I took my 10C quilt and slept in my warm clothes. It was ok for most nights, but other nights I had on all my clothing and still froze (nights got cold enough for a fresh dusting of snow not much higher than we camped). This year I took a different approach. I bought myself a 40F/4.5C quilt. The thinking was - that it would make a great winter bag for QLD camping, - I could layer it with my existing 10C quilt when required for cold NZ nights (manufacturer suggested the combined system would give me 20F/-6.5C) - Cost wise, it worked out much cheaper than buying a single bag that would do the job. - it would give me a lot of flexibility on the trail to adjust to the different conditions I was expecting (tent, remote hut, full hut, unusually cold nights) I just wanted to report that it worked out really well. Some nights I used my 10C, some nights I used the 4C and some night I used both. Often if I used both, I would start with just one and add the other during the night if required, a quick 30 second process. Never was I cold or too hot. Total weight for both quilts was 800g including straps to keep them together, way less than my Mont Nadgee (1365g). I suspect that this will be my approach for all future summer tramps. Cheers, Moh.
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Mattress was a full length Neo Air Xlite (R3.2). Since we are getting into specifics, for this particular experiment, I only slept in polypro boxers and a wool t-shirt. Tent was 4 season 2 person, with no mesh except where I unzipped the top of the 2 doors for ventilation at night As usually I had my sea to summit silk liner with me on this trip, but personally have come to hate the thing because I get tangled in it, so did not use it (next purchase will be a linear that is a lot less clingy) For me it was an economical solution since I could use existing equipment that I already owned, and quite versatile as my tramping is done over quite a wide range of temperatures, from 30degC nights in Qld, down to cold & windy nights above the treeline in NZ. Cheers, Moh edit...I now see that PaulEvans was probably referring to the comments regarding liners :) My mistake.
@Si-dog I have one of the Sea to Summit thermolite liners. Was probably not something I would have bought myself but a mate got it for me as a gift. Not sure exactly how much thermal value it adds inside a bag as I have not been on any winter tramps since I received it. However, it does work nicely as a summer bag on its own when I am doing overnighters with my 3 year old and pack space is at a bit of a premium.
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The silk liner helps keep you warm when you gather it around your neck. It can be pulled up over your head to keep you warmer and protect you from sandflies. And of course it protects your bag, especially if you want to sleep with very little clothing on. I wash mine periodically by chucking it in the shower when I wash my hair after a tramp. The shampoo that is rinsed from the hair washes the liner and then you can hiff it in the machine for a good rinse. Don't dry it in sunlight and it will last for years.
I'm afraid to rip the silk liner if I used it inside the sleeping bag, but I'll give it a try...I usually use in lodges/motel rooms when I don't trust the cleanness. As for sleeping bags I have 3: - One 800 dawn rated to -29C, about 1.3 kg - A synthetic rated to -9C about 1.8 kg - A synthetic rated to -7C about 1.8 kg
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Started by Moh_Oz
On 8 March 2019
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