Report of a trip to Cascade saddle and others.

Coming back yesterday from my trip to Mt.Aspiring NP and as usual I want to thanks everybody for their suggestions and help. I had a great time and doing the debriefing today really make think a lot of mistakes that I could definitely avoid. First of all was carry all my stuff up to French ridge hut and this made the climb very brutal. I hurt my knee because I probably over do with my right leg and at the end of the day I was devastated. I thought that running 3/4 times at week would've be enough but not for this trip. I came down the second day and avoid to go up to Liverpool hut and instead I retire my self to aspiring hut to a forced rest. I was very upset with my self because I couldn't think I was able to cross the cascade after injured my knee. Two days of rest calmed down my inflammation and at the end I was able to cross the cascade saddle even if not at my 100 % of body strengths. The tramp from aspiring to dart hut was quite slow because my mate lost his phone and we had to go back and looking for it. Views and weather was great and quite a lot of people tramping the route with us that day. From Dart hut to Shelter rock hut was quite a normal day with a lot of pictures taken on the Rees saddle. The ranger at the Dart hut made us writing a report and giving a rate for the cascade saddle route. The discussion that night was about putting or not putting iron older on the rock wall on the aspiring side and make it more like a "VIA FERRATA". Some people agreed and some not but overall was a nice thing to talk about it. Last day we left Shelter rock and we walk 50% of the track with our feet under mud... That's why they called muddy creek after all... :-)
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Started by giuseppe23
On 4 March 2019
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