Cotton pants?

My original clothing plan was to take cotton shirts, a hoodie, and jeans so I'm clearly a newbie. I've since bought all synthetic top layers and a jacket but when it comes to pants I'm wondering if cotton rather than a nylon or polyester type hiking pants would work out, provided I carried rain cover pants to go over top of the cotton pants. is that realistic or are there other downsides to cotton other than rain? My tramping location will be the Kahurangi forest
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Another good source for gear is charity shops - especially fleece tops - there always seem to be thousands of those on the rack, in good condition, for less than $10 each.
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Its a pity though the cotton is cold mantra seems to fail miserably when you are trying to acclimatize to Canterbury summers after moving from Wellington. Cotton does nought to cool down a 30C day when you are working in the blazing sun all day. Its autumn now so only 29 today. 29 would of been front page news at the height of summer in wellington.
The mantra is "*wet* cotton is cold". The next time you're toiling in the heat, jump in the river and see how you feel :smile:
Why is there never a river when you are sweltering. Just sweat obviously cut it
I've been coping with the heat by wetting my head and allowing the water to drip onto my prolite shirt and trousers and splashing water onto my sleeves. But don't do this too late in the day or if a change is forecast!
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Started by Dize
On 4 March 2019
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