Mattress advice appreciated

I'm lining up to get a new mattress, and am having considerable angst on the subject. I've done a bit of research, watched reviews, and gone into the store to try a few out. And I've read this thread here: I feel it's a contest between: - thermarest prolite - closest to what I used to have. Seems too bulky and thin. - thermarest neoair xlite - very worried about the noise. Every review seems to say it's the best, but each time a feel one I get worried. - exped synmat ul 7 - very worried about the durability (seems there are a few reports of leaks at the seams). A little worried about the vertical baffle. The noise doesn't seem to be an issue. I mainly use huts. So I started looking for something to have as an option when huts are full as well as for emergencies. I have recently learned that I rather like sleeping under the stars and away from the noise of a hut; so my use might grow. At home I am a side-sleeper, but on the trail I have tended to have to sleep on my back. The thicker air mattresses are definitely attractive, especially given how small they pack down. Advice? Thoughts? Experience? Thanks
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I would warn against relying on anything off Aliexpress, it's fine for some things but anything like a tent, or sleeping pad, etc...gear that you NEED to work correctly, I think you're playing with fire. Ron Bell from Mountain Laurel Designs did a water pressure test with some of those tents, they were all listed at 3000-5000hh and he had them leaking around 700hh, so it shows how sketchy that stuff can be. I know a pad is different, but I would spend the money and go with a more reputable company. I'm not saying it's all crap but for more serious gear I would stay away, just my view and I mean no disrespect Geeves.
ok I have a tent of theirs and it is very bad for condensation but otherwise seems to work without proper testing. The mat has been fine though. Its hard with the likes of aliexpress ebay etc as they are just the shop front with all the independent traders hiding behind the banner. I have bought some very good stuff but I have also bought stuff that went straight in the bin. I have come to the opinion now of looking up the brands outside aliexpress and staying away from mainstream brands. Ie I would not buy Columbia North face etc from aliexpress. It is almost garunteed to be either a fake or a factory second. I will buy brands like Nature Hike which is a major Chinese brand and everything I have bought of that brand has been good. You still get what you pay for and $80 against 300 has to be considered
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Update: my new neoair arrived in the post. It is so light.
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Update: my new neoair arrived in the post. It is so light.
You can always wear ear plugs if it's squeaky but shame about the other people in the hut. I have an Expad Synfil and I think it's a bit noisy for other users in the hut though it's not as bad as my snoring!
Now that I have it I've been able to experiment a bit. Deflated a little means I can lie on it (side down) and it isn't too noisy.
I've never noticed any excessive noise with my one and don't really get what all the drama is about. As mentioned earlier maybe it was with an earlier iteration, though I have had mine for about 6 years I think. It's more comfortable than my bed at home and I would sleep on it very night if the wife would let me!
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