Nelson Lakes Nationalpark 5 - 8/9 March 2019

Hi I'm thinking about going to Nelson Lakes National Park to do a multi-day hike like Travers Sabine Circuit pass in the time between 5 - 8 March 2019. there's a shuttle service from Nelson on Tue and one back on Fri. Anyone interested in joining me? Cheers Pascal
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You will likely find a few others for company, we went through this time last year and it was not too busy but very friendly. Not as many TA walkers as say Feb. Enjoy, it’s a great time of the year for it
Hi Pascal (and other Travis-Sabine trampers out there) I know its short notice but wondered if you would consider/be able to start the Travis-Sabine circuit any earlier next week? Say Tuesday 3/Wednesday 4 March? If it doesn't suit your schedule, maybe someone else might be interested? Heading that way and happy for me to tap along? I'm based in Taranaki but keen on this trip (a planned kayak trip has been postponed) and have done a fair bit of tramping and climbing around the country over the years, including the Mt Robert, Sunset saddle, Mt Hopeless circuit some years ago. Cheers Jof.

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Started by Pascal.CH
On 28 February 2019
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