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Guys, anyone have a Zpacks pack cover and had it out in really bad NZ conditions? I'm keen to know how they go.
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Again, it comes down to preference, if you are spending the overwhelming majority of your time walking on established tracks, a pack cover works very well for keeping your pack drier than it would be otherwise. Who wants to drag a soaking wet pack into their tent? Who wants to carry a pack that holds 150 grams of water weight? The key is understanding the purpose of the packcover - it's to shed rain, not for 'waterproofness', it won't help in a river crossing obviously. Pack covers work fine in New Zealand if you're on tracks, I've never had one ripped or lost one in the wind since 2002 when I moved here. I never lost one hiking in Australia where I used to live, or the United States. That includes 5000kms of long-distance hiking experience over 25 years. They work for what they are intended to do. Don't like them - don't use them.
As well as keeping my pack relatively dry in multi-day rain tramps, it would keep my pack off the ground. Especially where I could lie it flat in the tent vestibule and prevent the straps from getting mucky/wet.
@geeves, did you happen to measure it? I don't know how much water my old Macpac Glissade carries in its Aztec. I do know, from the times that I've gone for a pack float, that I've typically struggled to stand up when exiting from the water without removing my pack first. Submerging it in the bath might be at least as good a test as hosing it down.
The Torlese is also Aztec I havnt noticed it getting heavier when swimming in it although if I know thats on the menu I put gear into drybags instead of a liner. Even then a few pack swims have been with just a liner although they were only 20 to 30 meters. Water runs out of the side pockets pretty quick although I need to remember that the camera in the front pocket is not any more waterproof than the pocket
aztec had waxed cotton in it,, if the wax has worn off that might account for differences in weight between packs when immersed in water
I was wrong the torles is as follows The Torlesse 50 is constructed with a durable, yet lightweight combination of 630d Cordura nylon and 210d Ripstop nylon. so not Aztec at all
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On 18 February 2019
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