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My two boys unfortunatly have school camp at the same despite going to different schools. We currently have 2 packs an Osprey and my old school one. Eldest son is actually doing some amount of walking with gear so he has the Osprey, Now youngest son is not happy, he won't be walking with gear as such but who wants to take mums old school falling apart pack and a suitcase is not really ideal. So I am on the lookout for a semi decent second hand pack. We all love the Osprey it is so comfy even when fully laden. We are in the Waikato. What is out there for sale?
Trademe might be the best place to look? I just sold my Macpac Ascent (but that was one heavy-arse pack). Yes an Osprey would be a good pick. You could also enquire with your local tramping club as a member may have something to sell, or someone may even be inclined to loan you a pack?
How old is he
We've been happy with the Deuters 40l kids pack. Bought for a smaller torso. Really not that pricey new:

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Started by camlia
On 17 February 2019
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