GPS use advice please

Hi there, I borrowed my cousins Garmin GPS last weekend for a big trip coming up, and took it on an overnight to the Kaimais to familiarise myself with it. While I could get location coordinates from it, I couldn't make these correspond to the map I had with me. The coordinates given by the map were 2-3 degrees different in latitude than the GPS was telling me. Does anyone know why this was, and how I can correct for it? Many thanks A
This is not an uncommon problem when map datum and projection differ between the GPS and paper map being used. It is a matter of changing the gps settings to suit the map you are using. A more expensive option would be to get a map that fits the settings currently being used on the gps. There is online help that explains this. My gps is currently set for output co-ordinates to correspond with Topo 50 maps and thus the co-ordinates are a bit out for the former 260 series of maps.
Hello. Which model of Garmin GPS? To correspond with NZ's current standard Topo50 and Topo250 maps, the GPS would need to be set so that its geodetic datum matches NZGD2000 (which is almost identical to WGS84, so that also works), and using the NZTM2000 projection for grids. To my knowledge, all modern Garmin devices let you choose both of these as preconfigured options in their settings. When the new maps first came in, the very oldest Garmin devices (most commonly the bright yellow original Garmin eTrex) didn't have the settings built in. Even with that, it's possible to set it to a custom projection and give it a few more parameters.
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Thanks, it's the Garmin GPS 60 model. I have had a quick look at the settings and nothing has popped out at me. I will do some googling, but if anyone has the same model or similar, any further advice is appreciated.
Ah I changed the position format to NZTM or something, and it seems to match up a lot better Thanks for your help.
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Sounds like you've got it sorted. In case anyone is hunting for those NZTM2000 parameters the link below has sone details.

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Started by M400-1
On 15 February 2019
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