Advice for Newbie please - Best Pack to purchase

Hi everyone. I am new to hiking and have to date only completed day hikes. I need advice as to the best pack to purchase for these day trips. My budget is around $100. Currently using a school bag type pack from Rebel sport! Would like a pack with a supportive waist strap and pockets for water bottles etc. I do intend to progress to overnight tramps as my fitness and skill level increase but for now need a smaller pack. So any advice regarding pack size and any other points to consider is welcomed. Thank you in advance. Denise
Day packs as long as its comfortable and has the pockets you want it will be fine. Make sure its big enough for lunch fist aid kit jersey and coat
Depending on where you are and where you can shop ?. You really just want something comfortable that holds your stuff. You need to try them on. If it's day tripping, then you're not doing overnights yet ?. Hopefully, you won't need anything bigger than 25 litre ?. Maybe 30 ?. Being such a small pack, they may not have a heavyweight waist strap, and might sit higher up on your shoulders than a heavier pack. Bivouac is showing some nice Ospreys on special from $100+ marked down to $80 odd. Some people find Ospreys comfortable to wear & well vented on your back-space. But any Macpac, Kathmandu that you're happy with will do ?. Go to different shops. Try them on. Go back to what you liked at the end of the day. edit - Another 40%-off sale at Macpac. Go for the biggest day pack you're comnfortable wearing ?.
For $100 you can't buy much new. Look for Osprey on trademe. Problem is if you're new, your gear might be big and heavy. So I would say at least 40 litres. I have a 65 litre Osprey, and rather have a pack with lots of room than one that's too small.
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I don't know if the store Decathlon is available where you live but usually you can find back pack of 50 LT or more around that price range.
Thank you for all your suggestions. I will go shopping this weekend :)
Thanks for sharing this. I will definitely try this. And every people cannot afford much money. They do shopping with their own budget. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Care Home in Brighton

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Started by Neecie
On 14 February 2019
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