Serpentine Hut

Just noticed on Hutt Bagger website that it is listing Serpentine Hut on the Hokitika River as removed. I checked Remote Huts and DOC website pages for the hut, as well as here, but none indicate it has been removed. Couldn't find any online news to say it had been removed either. Does anyone happen to know what the situation is?
As far as I know it is still there and I'm a local. (It is nearly four years since I last visited Serpentine Hut though!)
Thanks @glennj good to know. I was there two years ago and it was in good nick so was very surprised to see the removed tag on it especially given all the good volunteer work in the area.
I spoke with Andrew B. tonight, the guy who reopened the Hokitika valley track on both sides of Serpentine Hut and keeps a bit of an eye on the place. Whilst he hasn't been there since 2018 he said he has had no indication it has been removed or is gone. My conclusion is that the "Hut Bagger" website has got it wrong.
Cool. Thanks for going the extra mile @glennj. Very happy to hear the hut is still there.

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Started by Dodgydave
On 13 February 2019
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