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My old raincoat has seen its best days and I am also in the market for a new pair of tramping shorts. Taking a look at T7, Kathmandu, Macpac et al, the vast majority of raincoat offerings appear to be hip length as opposed to thigh length. My strategy has been thigh length with hiking shorts about the size of rugby shorts, thus avoiding waterproof over-trousers (which I find a total pain). I can't see this working with the current crop of raincoats as well as the "walk short" type shorts advertised. I read a very good NZ Tramper forum topic from 2015, where the Oringi Milford and Macpac Copland/Resolution sounded like they would be the solution here, but two out of the three are out of stock and all are fairly pricey. So, long story short, any suggestions on how to keep the undie region relatively dry, at a reasonable price, while avoiding over-trousers would be appreciated.
I would stick with your current strategy. Hunting stores sell longer coats, not super lightweight but not that expensive either. I wear my hip length coat all the time but mostly as a breathable windproof layer. Running shorts are good for me.
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How much do you want to spend? I bet that a shop like Hunting and Fishing has good options - ie: they aim their stock at hunters and hunters seem to like long jackets and short shorts (at least thats the impression I get). Kathmandu has a longer-length one in their own fabric (along the lines of gore tex) that I bought once clearance for about $200 - and it held up pretty well. I also had a Macpac Copeland and it was long, also as weighty as the Kathmandu one (may not be an issue for you?) Im now on an Earth Sea Sky Entrant jacket but the cost of these is around $400-$500.
I bought the Swazi Tahr XP in December - still waiting for a chance to use it. Seems to be what your looking for but its probably double the packed down size and weight of the Macpac stuff.
I recently purchase a hip length raincoat A bit pricey but seems worth it... The arcteryx theta ar jacket...it's a discontinued product so might find it cheaper. Goretex pro 40 back and a front jacket. Goretex pro 80 Shoulder and arms. Have a look. https://www.outdoorgearlab.com/reviews/clothing-mens/hardshell-jacket/arcteryx-theta-ar
Earth Sea Sky hydrophobia is what I use. Great jacket. You have to catch it on sale though (e.g. Bivouac Boxing day), preferably if you've gotten Christmas vouchers/money to spend too, otherwise prepare to say goodbye to a lung and kidney to fund it!
The Cactus Rain jacket is quite pricey, but built like a truck. Not super lightweight, but heavy Gore-Tex style fabric, with handwarmer pockets and map pockets. Great quality.
Onto my second Hunters Element coat from Gun City. First was a sort of green felt-surface coat. A little heavier than trampers, but it came in a large enough size for me, super-practical pockets and monstrous armpit zips. Wore it as a cape with arms through the armpit zips a few times (thanks for the tip Waynowski). I'm picking the felt surface is a silencing feature ?. Current coat is a more technical laminate affair. Same practicality, but much lighter. Goes down to below groin. Pretty sure it's the XTR. $149 down from $399 RRP. It DOES have a good peaked hood, tho it doesn't zip away. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1320/2227/products/xtr_jacket_fg_86adb0df-eed1-4291-91a9-4e1d4c0816dc_2000x.jpg https://www.hunterselement.co.nz/products/xtr-jacket?variant=6666338238503 Don't be scared to look in the hunting shops. It's practical gear, competitively priced.
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Thanks for the tips. I haven't looked at the hunting sites, but will now. My budget is $200, partly because I've just bought new tramping boots and quite a bit of other leisure gear and don't want to antagonise the better half. Mind you, bought a $500 gore-tex once and it just didn't seem worth the extra money. Pro-acive - that Hunter's Element jacket looks perfect and they even have it in my size - fantastic!
You can also check out work or farm safety equipment places as well. The coats may be fairly heavy and robust and come in a choice of fluoro colours but they work well for sustained rain. If bright colours aren't your thing look at the farming places first.
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