Stretching before and/or after Hiking.

Does anyone of you into this practice of doing stretching while you tramp? I've seen many people doing on the trail.
stretching before exercise is more likely to tear your muscles because they are less warm and less supple
Can be a good idea to stretch a bit if you're coming straight off the track and into a car for a couple of hours or so. Cramp, when you're part of a car load, is an edge I don't need.
given how cold you can be in the morning when you tramp, you are highly vulnerable to tearing a muscle stretching in the morning while you're muscles are still cool, having a gentle warm up before you start tramping is a better option, start off slowly till you warm up,warming up will take longer on a cold day and if you have less clothing on and you're wearing shorts... you could start with overtrousers if you can take them off easily if its a cold day until you warm up. you can stretch anytime once you are warmed up,
I dont usually have time to stretch after a tramp, as Im too busy eating KFC and drinking lots of beers.
But haven't you got to stretch your fingers to reach around the beer. Just put the box of chicken a foot or two further away.
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hahaaaha @si-dog Usually fergburger in queenstown it's my way to end!
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Yeah. Ha ha guys !. Usually stop for coffees etc when with a car pool. Dragging yourself out of the car and unfolding is the hardest part of the trip.
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Started by giuseppe23
On 11 February 2019
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